1. Log on to Schoology (www.schoology.com)
  2. Enter access code: CJDDV-GTCQ4
  3. Go to the “Course” drop down menu ~ Brainy Braves
  4. Use your ISD email account (a secondary email is acceptable)

Important Notes for current Gifted students at ISD:

  • Share the site and access code with your high-achieving peers and parents.
  • Visit the site often ~ search for new contests, scholarships, programs, field trips, and additional opportunities.
  • Participate in as many enrichment opportunities as possible ~ your participation will strengthen your resume and college applications.
  • Check out quarterly agendas and check the weekly events. 


Iroquois School District is committed to providing programs and services that meet individual needs. The PA Department of Education’s policies and procedures define the process for accessing special education services. The law supports parent involvement in these procedures and we require parent input in every phase of the educational process. These procedures include an initial referral to our building level Support Team with possible evaluation if needed. This evaluation many result in an Individual Education Plan (GIEP) or a Service Plan addressing recommendations for specially designed instruction. 

The Iroquois School District believes that student’s with special needs are best served in the general education setting using special education resources to supplement and support the regular education process. Special program tailored to meet our student’s educational needs include: Gifted Support, Autistic Support, Learning Support, Speech and Language support and Emotional Support.