Iroquois Drama Club

The Iroquois Drama Club is part of the larger Iroquois Performing Arts initiative headed by the Band and Choral programs. The Drama Club’s mission is to enrich the artistic lives of the Iroquois student body through performance. The performing arts provide students with invaluable experience in public speaking, lateral thinking and an artistic outlet. Our goal is to provide the Iroquois community with at least one high quality performance per year. In the past, these performances have consisted of dramatic plays, as well as musical productions.

The Drama Club is an open and welcoming environment. Currently, several of our most talented performers are also heavily involved in football, soccer, marching band, swimming, basketball, and other outside activities and commitments. We are proud to say that all of our students have outstanding academic records.

Drama Club gives students the opportunity to make friends and have experiences with a truly diverse segment of the student body while simultaneously learning skills that they can carry with them throughout their lives. We hope to continue to grow our program and add new students and parent volunteers to our group.