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Iroquois School District has been educating students effectively for many years and recognizes that all students learn differently. In partnership with Virtual Learning Network, the Iroquois School District Cyber Academy offers flexibility paired with comprehensive supports to ensure students are equipped to achieve their educational goals. Parent and guardians are also provided with a robust suite of tools and reports to enable them to fully support their students’ education.


ISD Cyber Academy students benefit from the flexibility of an online learning program and the unique opportunities provided by the school district.

  • Opportunity for high school students to enroll in a program with Erie County Technical School.
  • Hybrid scheduling for students interested in supplementing their online courses with classes and labs in the building.
  • Students may participate in school-sponsored activities, clubs and sports,
    field trips, and social events.
  • Access to guidance services, educational facilities, on-campus tutoring,
    recreational facilities, and athletic opportunities.

Student Support

Our online learning program provides an integrated, team-based system of support. Students learn from online multimedia lessons designed to accommodate a variety of schedules. Teachers are available in both the morning and afternoon to offer individualized support and to augment the recorded lessons. Key features of the program include:

  •  Dedicated homeroom teacher
  • Daily, synchronous homeroom session
  • 1:1 support from content area teachers via Office Hours
  • Asynchronous lessons available 24/7 to provide scheduling flexibility
  • 72-hour grading turnaround
  • Constructive feedback on graded assignments
  • Weekly session to review performance with homeroom teacher
  • Progress indicator showing percentage of completed work at a glance


Parental support is critical to student success. Our program offers parents tools to easily monitor their student’s attendance and academic progress.

  • Daily attendance tracking
  • Weekly performance reports
  • Robust parent portal including live gradebook access, due date calendar, student activity reports, teacher feedback on graded work and more
  • Online, real-time gradebook access
  • Streamlined point-of-contact (homeroom teacher)
  • Ongoing school district support


Students receive a district-issued notebook computer and textbooks to supplement their online coursework 

  • Technical Support for the online platform available 7 AM to 7 PM, seven days a week
  • District support provided for all hardware

What Students and Parents Say About Iroquois School District Cyber Academy

“The district cyber program was the best fit for my son with being a little anxious while in traditional school.”

“The synchronous classrooms [homeroom, office hours, writing lab] benefited my learning experience by allowing me to fully understand the subject and helped me connect with the teachers.”

“Daily homeroom reminded me when the due dates were and never had me behind in my classes.”

“Considering cyber school is so flexible, having the weekly deadlines contributed to my success because everything was always due at the same time no matter what the assignment was.”

“This program taught me how to stay organized and how to work independently.”