Volunteers are welcomed and encouraged to assist in a variety of ways in our schools. However, in order to keep our children safe, all volunteers are subject to legal and administrative procedures set by the Iroquois School District Board of Directors.

Please review our Volunteers Policy No. 916, which states all requirements necessary for all Volunteers.

Individuals interested in serving as a Volunteer should complete the following steps:

  1. Print out and complete the District's  Volunteer Application Form

  2. Obtain the required clearances, attaching copies of each clearance to your Volunteer Application Form. The links to apply for clearances have been provided below for your convenience.

Copy of your Act 34 Clearance (Criminal History)

Copy of your Act 151 Clearance (Child Abuse History)

Volunteer FBI Background Check - Act 114 Fingerprint - Volunteer Code: 1KG6ZJ

Submit everything to the person directly involved with and overseeing the program you wish to work with.

If you have been a resident of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania during the entirety of the previous ten-year period from the date of this document, you may complete the Volunteer Request For Waiver of FBI - Federal Criminal History Fingerprint Record Check. Fingerprint Waiver Form

  1. Upon authorization from the program director/teacher/coach/advisor, approval by the building principal will be sought. Final approval is then decided upon by the School Board at its monthly school board meeting.

  2. You will not be permitted to volunteer until Board approval is obtained.