August 21, 2020

Pre-Reopening COVID 19 Testing:

Faculty, Staff and Students,

Since March 13, 2020, the Iroquois School District has been planning for the safe return of our students and staff to our campus. As we have learned over the past few months, this pandemic has become both a health crisis and a political debate. The decision to reopen our schools has many people concerned about their safety and the safety of their loved ones, while others are excited to get some sort of normalcy back into their lives.

The Iroquois School Board and the District Administrative team have been reviewing the often-changing guidance from federal, state and local officials. We have submitted our Health and Safety Plan to the state, and we have invited the Erie County Health Department to conduct a walk-through of our buildings to provide any last-minute guidance before we open. 

However, the biggest question we all have is, “How prevalent is the COVID-19 virus in the Iroquois School District community?” As of now, county data is available, but it is often weeks behind. Before we reopen schools, we would like to conduct voluntary COVID-19 testing of members of our faculty, staff and students so that we have more current data to drive our decision-making process. We believe conducting this testing will help alleviate some of the concerns some members of our community are experiencing on returning to school.

On Monday, August 31st, from 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM, representatives of PMH Laboratory Inc. will be at Iroquois High School to conduct both COVID-19 testing and antigen testing to all interested members of our faculty, staff and students. This testing is being offered at no cost to the District. Individuals can choose which test or both tests to undergo. The COVID PCR test consists of a nasal swab that is minimally invasive. The Antibody test is done via venous puncture. The company will file on the individual’s insurance under the CARES ACT for those who have it, and for those who don’t have insurance, the company will directly file for reimbursement with the CARES Act. 

Test results will be returned to individuals by email in three (3) working days. You may elect to share your results with the District to better help us with our planning for the reopening of schools. Positive results will be reported to the Department of Health and contact tracing will determine any follow up procedures.

To be tested, you must sign up on the District website ( by 4:00 PM on Tuesday, August 25th. Each student must be scheduled in their own reservation slot. The required paperwork is located on the district website or a packet can be picked up in our school offices. 

Please contact Mrs. Karen Barringer at 814-899-7643 Ext 6109 or if you have any questions about this testing program.

Shane S. Murray
ISD Superintendent